The African Youth Forum

Committed to improving Africa

Opening in 2018.

     The African Youth Forum is a non-profit international organization where African Youths from all over the world come together to talk about the biggest issues facing Africa and how to solve them. 

Every year, between 100-2000 young Africa leaders, politicians, musicians, actors, activists, business owners and experts from industries like finance, economics, technology, health, and the media are all invited to attend The African Youth Forum. The annual meeting has only one main goal: to encourage discussion and dialogue.

Our mission is to help improve Africa by bringing the Youth and everyone else together. We believe that progress happens by bringing great people together from all walks of life who have the same mindset and want to see things change.

The organization was established in 2017 by Ruhongeka Ntabala. It is independent, unbiased and not tied to any special interests. The AYF is accessible to all Africans.

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